It is now easier than ever to nominate a deserving candidate for induction to the Lethbridge Sports Hall of Fame! Nominations can now be submitted online using the form at the bottom of this page, and can also be mailed.

Please read the important information on this page before submitting a nomination form.

  • The Lethbridge Sports Hall of Fame will consider induction for candidates nominated in the categories of athlete, builder, team or special.
  • Nominations may originate with an individual, club or association and must be signed by the nominator.
  • Nominations should be made using the appropriate nomination form and should include as much factual information as possible, giving details of the accomplishments of the nominee. Wherever possible, the accomplishments should be supported by documentary evidence.
  • Please note: The Lethbridge Sports Hall of Fame Board of Directors does not conduct additional research on nominations. Therefore, the nomination package provides the LSHOF Selection Committee with the only information from which to make the decision for induction.
  • We ask that you please include as much detail as possible with your nomination, as the board can not properly assess nominees with insufficient information. For teams and athlete nominations, further information regarding the highest level of competition reached is appreciated. 
  • Nominations should include a head and shoulder, black and white photograph (min. 5” X 4”) of the nominee.
  • If the nomination is successful, both the nominee and nominator will be informed by letter. In the case of an unsuccessful nomination, only the nominator will be notified.
  • Nominations will remain on file and will be reviewed annually for three consecutive years. Nominations that have been unsuccessful for a 3-year-period must be resubmitted in order to be reconsidered.
Online Induction Application
Download the Induction Application


PURPOSE: To recognize athletes who have distinguished themselves in competition in Lethbridge or elsewhere and to recognize athletes who have rendered prolonged and meritorious service to sport.

In order to be considered as a candidate for the Hall of Fame, an athlete must:

  • Have represented sport with distinction in athletic competition, either in Lethbridge or elsewhere, or by example have brought great credit to the sport and high respect for the individual.
  • Normally Athletes will only be considered for induction a minimum of five years after retiring from competition.
  • Have compiled an outstanding record which extends over a period of years in one of more sports.
  • Have been a Lethbridge resident, when possible, during the period for which outstanding performance is claimed.


PURPOSE: To formally recognize the initiative, leadership and dedication of those individuals who participate in the development of sport.

In order to be considered as a candidate for the Hal of Fame, a Builder must:

  • Have demonstrated outstanding leadership in service to any sport, sport group or sport association in positions such as coach, trainer, manager, writer or administrator.
  • Have been a Lethbridge resident during the period for which outstanding performance is claimed. This performance would normally have extended for a period of at least 10 years.


To formally recognize individuals and/or organizations, athletes and builders who have made an outstanding and valuable contribution to Sports or to the community of Lethbridge through sports. This category is to reward people who have made these significant contribution but do not qualify under the other categories.


The Team Award will serve to provide appropriate recognition for Lethbridge teams that have won a National, International or World Championship or have achieved the highest possible award in their particular realm of competition. Normally teams will only be considered for induction a minimum of five years after retiring from competition

All nominations shall be considered annually by the Board of Directors. The decision of the Board shall be final and all nominators will be notified accordingly . An induction ceremony will be held once per year, when possible.